Projects are Better in Teams

I have been working on the staging project mentioned in these previous posts:


Recently I had to start sharing the code and work with others to prep for paternity leave.  I showed them the sheets, the script, and went over some issues I was constantly having. Then something happened that surprised me, in less than 20 minutes of chatting we had solutions to each issue that had stumped me for weeks.

These were issues I had googled, tinkered with, documented and experimented with… but after weeks they were still issues. Then in less than an half an hour, they were all solved with nothing more than a chat.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but I needed to be reminded… projects are better in teams.

I have a diverse background. I was an admin assistant to one of the most successful female architects in the world, I ran my own marketing team, and I have developed processes that manage over 36 million gallons of wine.

Through it all I can tell you that any project I worked on in a team developed and launched better than my individual assignments. If the same task is given to both an individual and a team, the individual will struggle and limp drastically more than the team.

There are a few reasons why this happens:

Social Pressure:

If you have others working on the same assignment there is a social pressure to work a bit harder, because if you don’t, you’ll look bad. It seems very grade-school but really our brains are wired for peer pressure.

Personal Points of View :

Each person brings with them their own history and experiences. These mental pictures offer different points of view when looking at the same problem. When someone thinks that a project hits a wall with no way around, others may see something familiar like a bush or puppy, and offer solutions that to them are obvious because of their lens. However, by themselves, people only have their own experience and google searches.

Collaboration Sparks :

There is also an unpredictability that magically happens in a group.  Ideas are like tiny sparks. During conversations active team members can build off of recent thoughts as they happen. There can be a thread of thought that at first seemed non sequitur, but acted as a spark to a memory for someone else from years ago, that led to the solution the whole team was looking for.

Fun :

We are social creatures, even the introverts out there like to laugh. If we laugh we relax and allow creativity and personal connection to take hold where anxiety and stress once stood. Inside jokes, making fun of other teams, and memes can all help a team create a fun team dynamic that acts as a perpetual solution generator.


I plan on working more with teams on projects moving forward, especially on this staging program, but what about you? What problem have you been noodling? Would you be open to bringing it to a team?


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