Moonshot Business – A New Name

Analyst Advantage is now Moonshot Business

Moonshot Business

Moonshot = A fantastic goal that seems impossible to accomplish, until it isn’t.

During a time when America was divided, the president, John F. Kennedy, challenged America to land a man on the moon and bring him safely home before the end of the decade.This was the moonshot, and it seemed impossible.  But then again, there’s this picture.

Each entrepreneur has their own moonshot moment. A point when you finally said, “This is it, it is not someday, it is now.”  It might have been when you handed in your resignation letter, your youngest child left on their honeymoon, or maybe it was just when you finally registered a blog and started writing. Whatever it was, it was scary and awesome at the same time.

When I started the blog, I wrote about advanced Excel and data analysis. But after meeting and working with a slew of entrepreneurs, I learned that what you really need is help figuring out how to accomplish your own moonshot.

The Focus

On the new Moonshot Business blog, I will focus on how you can use forecasting, inventory management, and cash flow tactics — filled with personal experiences and stories of entrepreneurs like you.


For those who would like a more personal approach to tackling inventory and forecasting, REACH OUT for more information about coaching.

Trevor Clinard


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