“With Moonshot Business Planning, I help businesses focus on what they need to focus on: production planning, inventory management, making sense of marketing, fine tuning finances, and ultimately how to make more money, with less stress.” 

Growing up, my parents were the “poster parents” for grown-ups with stable jobs. My dad worked for the same car company since he graduated college, and my mom worked for the University of California system. This stability was outstanding for a home life, and the best part was both of them loved what they did.

As much as my siblings and I love cars and graduated college, that has been the extent of “following in our parents’ footsteps” when it comes to our careers. All of my siblings are entrepreneurs–each with their own meandering path to business ownership. My brother owns a café in Southern California, after five years in Los Angeles as a stand-up comedian. My sister in law launched her online business after realizing that the career she studied was not truly her passion. My sister and brother in law met while running international automotive companies and national PR teams. They left their expense accounts and company cars to write a book, plant a family vineyard and eventually launch a successful food photography business.

Three families, all with different paths. But at the heart of their stories, all were searching for their version of freedom. Freedom to create a career on their terms. They traded what would be a stable life of consistent salary, corporate ladders, and periodic resume updates, for the unpredictability of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone–it can be scary, hard, and sometimes pretty lonely.

But entrepreneurship is why I do what I do.

To be honest, my credentials read like the antithesis of an entrepreneur or small business owner.  Education in finance, accounting, and a master’s in business from University of California, Irvine, with a current career emphasis in data analysis (you are welcome to visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more). But here is the thing: I am professionally trained in business, have helped multi-million dollar, national companies clean up their act, and have a passion for helping small businesses succeed.

So now here I am with my family (cute picture below), working on my dream, to help you accomplish yours. Let’s get started.