Simple Business Planning

Eliminate the guess work.

Running out of stock means lost sales and lost sleep!

Producing too much product for your business means that you will have used up cash for no reason.

Let me help.

I have worked with both small and large businesses to simplify and apply inventory management ideas used by everyone from Ford Motor Company to major wine companies in California.

Business Planning Process:

Discovery + Learning: 1-2 hours

  • Meet via Google Hangout or phone to discuss your business and goals.
  • Review production planning tactics in simple format.
  • Identify key areas for improvements, and come up with the plan–which include timeline, action steps, and simple spreadsheets.

Implementation: estimated 1-2 weeks

  • Implement the new tools to measure where your business is right now.
  • Educate and communicate your team on new processes and goals.
  • Begin using the tools and measure the difference.

Get Started: